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Monthly Archives: October 2016

The Eagle Huntress 2016 x264 Free Movie Torrent Download

The Eagle Huntress 2016 Virus free

The Eagle Huntress 2016

The Eagle Aisholpan Huntress, a 13-year-old, she became the first woman to train his twelve Kazakh eagle generation of the family to be a hunter. This spellbinding documentary Aisholpan, 13-year-old girl who is a Mongolian nomadic, hunter became the first female eagle with his Kazakh twelve generations of families continue to struggle. With stunning aerial cinematography and intimate vérité footage, the film captures his personaljourney as well as responding to themesbitarteanindartzearen universal, natural world, the age and the onset of modernity.

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The Blacklist S04E04 HD full torrent

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The Blacklist S04E04

FBI fugitive Raymond “Red” Reddington (Spader), committed to the FBI, trying to work and destroy the criminals and terrorists together. After his first victory, a list of dangerous criminals, but the stranger revealed by Red. With the help of rookie FBI profiler Network will treat all those link “list”.

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Tcm: Breakfast At Tiffanys 2016 WEB-DL Free Movie Download Torrent

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Tcm: Breakfast At Tiffanys 2016

Fathom Events, Turner Classic Movies and Paramount Pictures received fall in love again and Breakfast at Tiffanys (1961), when the charm of a return trip to the cinema. Sayang will be accompanied by a special commentary on this classic TCM host Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz, intuition, which gives the background and much more, this film to life. won two Academy Awards Breakfast at Tiffanys capture the imagination of audiences everywhere and eginantzokiak indelible impact, style and society atumumPada Released in 1961, director Blake Edwards timeless classic, Audrey Hepburns intoxicating New York party girl wildly entertaining, comedy underwent an adventure to find love in the big city.

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Kill Command 2016 TPB Free Torrent

Kill Command 2016 Virus free

Kill Command 2016

When the unit elite army remote location training island off-grid by helicopter, but just exercise training unit tight, knit fall battle terrifying to death.

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La La Land 2016 XViD-ETRG full movie torrent download

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La La Land 2016

Jazz pianist falls for an ambitious actor in Los Angeles. Mia is, an ambitious actress, serving lattes movie stars between auditions and Sebastian, a jazz musician, playing concerts with dirty scratches cocktail bar, but as the success mounts thin face decisions thatIt begins to wear the cloth of his passion, and dreams they had worked so hard to keep it together threaten to disrupt ihdrug other.

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The Jungle Book 2016 Skylardd Torrent

The Jungle Book 2016 Virus free

The Jungle Book 2016

================================================== ==================

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ID: 1

Format: AVC

Format / Info: Advanced Video cod

Profile Format / * /

format settings, CABAC: Yes

format settings, reframing: 4 tablets


Duration: 1h 45mn


width: 1920 pixels

High element 40 1

Display aspect ratio: 1

Frame rate mode: Constant

Frame rate: (24000/1001) Even

color space, YUV

Chroma subsampling: 4: 2: 0

Bit depth: 8 bits

Scan type: Progressive

Bits / (Pixel * Frame)

Stream size: MB (82%)

Oxford: x264 core 148 r2705 3f5ed56

Language: Bahasa Inggeris

Default: Yes

having Na

================================================== ==================


ID: 2

Format: DTS

/ Information Format: Systems DigitalTheatrum


format settings, endiannessGreat


Duration: 1h 45mn

Bit rate mode: Constant

Bit rate: 1509 Kbps

Price (s): 6 channels

price points: Front, R, 50, 100, side: l, he ended his life,

Sampling rate: Eli

Frame rate: FPS (512 SPF)

Bit depth: 24 bit

Mode compression: lossy

Stream size: MB (16%)

Language: Bahasa Inggeris

Default: Yes

having Na

================================================== ==================


ID: 3

Format: UTF-8

CodecID: S_TEXT / UTF8

Thecod / Info: UTF-8 Plain Text

Language: Bahasa Inggeris

Default: Yes

having Na

================================================== ==================


00:00 en: 00: 00

00:00 en: 00: 00

00:05 en 00: 5

00:09 en 00: 9

00:12 en 00: 12

00:16 en 00: 16

00:21 en 00: 21

00:27 en: 00: 27

00:35 en: 00: 35

00:43 en: 00: 43

00:48 en 00: 48

00:53 en 00: 53

00:58 en: 00: 58

01:05 says: 1: 5

01:10 says: 1: 10

1:17 says: 1: 17

01:20 says: 1: 20

01: 24: ms: 1: 24

01:30 says: 1: 30

01:35He says: 1: 35

================================================== ==================

derbynDiolch particularly the FGT

================================================== ==================

::::::: ::::: Screens

================================================== ==================

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Farming Simulator 17 64-Bit DeFcoN Torrent

Farming Simulator 17 Virus free

Farming Simulator 17

Farming Simulator 17 adds a new layer of depth and detail to the farm manager sim series.Bilang popular in the farm, you can choose from many different, realistic plants grow and parts of animals, at any stage of plowing and planting collect and sell either. Kasama your way, you will have to make tough decisions about money and land, including any manalebih than 200 vehicles in real life, to finish FARMESA about. TrueBrand Massey Ferguson and New Holland, this game has all the fun a real farm without sunburn.

Farming Simulator is a game based around driving tractors in the countryside. From hay bail on obstacle courses, simulator brings you life in the slow lane.Ang demo Farming Simulator allows andamengalami two missions: the test of time and saving straw. The first is only one round, one ludzkiwokół obstacle course, and the second you need to carefully pull out the press for hay cutting of the wheat that stupidstraw. Medalspara with a fast time, even if it is not too difficult to get ginto.Ang physics of Farming Simulator feel pretty basic. The tractor does not move smoothly, and the model no suspension travel, so they look quite old-fashioned. Graphics are generally functional, but do not worry Need for Speed ​​World. sound podobniedopuszczalne, but no more. The slow pace of action is based isla.Pagsasaka sparsely populated and quiet Simulator is quite simple in terms ofwhat it offers. Pagtatangkaupang not create any excitement agriculture, so if you do not enjoy tractor driving, Farming Simulator akanberubah not mind. For fans of the farm, this is a game that is completely different, but it was spoiled by bad pagtatanghal.Pagsasaka Simulator is just what it says jestjest, as long as you think farming is all done tractor!

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Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 torrent

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 Virus free

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017


Application Name :: ::


Kaspersky Internet Security 2017


:: :: Information


Premium Kaspersky Internet Security protects you, your computer, your money and your family are provided. advanced security technology to protect against viruses, threats on the Internet to protect your identity and add an extra layer of security if you are banking or shopping online.


Screenshot :: ::


Avast Internet SecuritysendoaMaecukupseperangkat tools to protect the security of your system. series firewall, antivirus, anti-phishing tools, VPN line scanning equipment safer and smarter. Avast Internet Security with the scanning mode you can adjust the parameters; Taking a field goal, scan mode to scan all file types. Or scan the content of the recognized file types / extensions name / user-defined file extensions you can customize.

Key features include:


– Identify real-time threats.

– Anti-phishingtresna.


– Anti virus.

– Secure VPN Line.

– Anti-spam tool.

– Smart Scan.

– Protection of the sound.

Avast Internet Security also includes secure DNS, HTTPS scanning, and home to some of the new technology as a safety net to protect you.

What’s New Avast Internet Security 2016:

– Lower the impact on system boot time is faster, takes up less space on the disc.

– Unknown CyberCapture better and use our technology file arbennigcanfod cloud.

– A program of regular bulananupdatequiet automatic, configurable via Settings.

– Better identify weaknesses Router.

– Bank of New SafeZone browser mode.

– Faster connections Secureline.

– Antispam now opt-in as an ingredient.

– Eliminates hardware virtualization (NG) CyberCapture changed, becoming a much lower impact on system resources.

– Delete does not support far enough and does not use the core functionality.

Requirements: Windows (All Versions)

Language: Some languages


1. unpackdan install

2.erabiliErregistratzeko specific license file

3. Double-click on the file key (Note that not all files operate properly SCI)

4. Click Yes OK

5. Done.

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Hard Target 2 Torrent Download

Hard Target 2 Virus free

Hard Target 2


File Type: RAR

Duration: 1:43:33

Video Size: 720k400


Transmission speed: 1923 kb / s

Video Codec: MPEG4

Audio codec: AC3

Audio Type: (side)

Click on the full-size image

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Baidu PC Faster 5 x64 Download Free Torrent

Baidu PC Faster 5 Virus free

Baidu PC Faster 5

Baidu PC Faster is a complete suite for optimizing and maintaining your PC. It has lots of options and an intuitive interface.

A rounded tool Baidu PC Faster lets you keep your PC in good shape thanks to its range of instruments. Here are the highlights: Win Update: Scan your system for vulnerabilities and allows patches and fixes for apply.SpeedUp: Defined possible measures to speed up your PC,including from taking up time and management processes tumatakbo.Cloud Scan: The computer will scan for malware suspicious processes that could compromise your security at risk. A cloud-based system scanner ginagamit.Toolbox: different tools to speed up your PC and Internet connection.

For all mambabasaAng Baidu PC Faster interface is clear and easy to understand, even for inexperienced users. Each function is explainedwell, but remember bright, functional issues detalye.One, Baidu PC Faster will consume more resources than marahildapat.

A large suite for your PC faster PCBaidu is a great utility package that provides everything needed for maintenance and optimization of the system – as well as opportunities to ensure the safety of your PC.

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