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The Witcher 3: 64-Bit

The Witcher 3: Virus free

The Witcher 3:

Install instructions:

Note: Have your patch patched at least

– Run “”

– Play

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Change Log:

Patch (June 15, 2016)

Fixed issue where Corvo Bianco upgrade will not be complete if the player left Tous, while the upgrade is in progress.

Fixed issue where Roach will move during the search “Smitten chirp Knight.”

Resolve complex problems locking the camera can not be activated after the completion of the search, “Smitten twitter Knight.”

Fixes problems with the proper development of the “Wine Wars: Vermentino” quest when a player all: he finished, a task that previously “Belgaard Wine war”.

Fixes an issue where “members, Wineboys” Efforts will continue checker cans.

Fixed an issue where scores mutagenic not updated on Steam and Origin.

Fixed issue where additional events overlapped sometimes missing from the box containing hostage in an effort to “hunt: Wolf School Gear” in Kaer Morhen.

Fixed issue where certain NPCs did not spawn after the completion of the blood and wine.

Adding to the list of write patterns Dark Iron plates.

Fixes a problem where the level of upscaling the selected enemy will be calculated correctly.

If developed originally started the problem Repair where negative experience points are sometimes displayed in Version

Fixed issue where the golem to protect the treasure that lies between Bowdon and Brunwich could prove invulnerable.

Fixed issue where the bandit camp near the ruins could Kilkerinn marked as deleted.

Fixed issue where Roach tail may be missing.

Fixed issue where some standard upscaled “without showing too many enemies, too.

Fixed issue where it was possible to permanently lose the sword in Gravity Cave.

Fixes a problem where the level is not really high experience may be required in the stage 96 for further action.

Correcting blood and wine and a heart of stone loan.

Fixes the problem, making it difficult to be Gwent Leader Card “Francesca Findabair: Beautiful” to get after the end of the main story.

Fixed an issue in which the body is destroyed Golyat illustration.

The optimization and improvement of inventory system.

Fixed issue where when only a piece of dirty cloth accept Quest “fired new track” hinder progress.

Fixed issue where the border during the “Night of the Long Fangs” solid effort sometimes when completing the quest will not be there, preventing users Tous examined.

The problem repair can be silent when Sword sound effects when Eredin beaten.

Fixed issue where some real streaming audio can be played.

Fixed issue where the evil wizard may be unbeatable.

Fixed issue to move and Majordomo to Corvo Bianco could not refuse.

Fixed issue where the “Agreement: Bovine Blues” This effort is not good to develop when the “Great Feet for Content” Effort is not finished.

Fix rare problem where the “Be it ever so humble” This effort is not completely developed well.

Fixes a problem in which the latter “Empress” without cause under certain circumstances.

Fixed issue where the story Feline Silversword one ingredient needed Grandmaster story Griffin Steel Sword craft.

Fixed issue where the evidence required in “Far From Ofier Shores” development efforts could not spoil the breast.

Fixed issue purchased in Aerondight the New Game Plus mode without increasing the level of Geralt.

Fixes an issue in which overcapacity should not open properly, in which mutations examined.

Repair possible issue with the press “O” to add an unlimited number of cards bait Gwent.

Improvement of interaction with a bulletin board near the little girl Flint.

Repairs may take advantage unwarranted in experience points allow for “Way Warriors” Quest.

Fixes a problem where other players can not, in Development “Gwent: Do not worry, here Skellige” Quest.

Resolve the problem that causes the loading screen is limited after Portal in “Turn and face the beautiful” Attempts to leave.

Fixed an issue where one hairdo Geralt may appear higher than it should be at chest armor and Feline grandmaster.

Fixed an issue where weapon Viper can change color to red when it is displayed in Corvo Bianco on weapons

Fixed issue where weapon neck red.

Fixes an issue in which Marlene will not be able to participate in the conversation.

Fixed issue where guards Oriana during the “Night of the Long Fangs” Efforts can be translucent.

Adding to show the amount of regeneration eat or drink vitality.

art dealer near Lazare Lafargues expand business workshops in Beauclair.

Repair problems can be locked in access to the alchemy table.

Fixes problems that regenerates durability at high speed will, if necessary after the beginning of a new game.

Fixed issue where players could knock down a horse.

Fixed issue where dogs and wolves do not die as soon as they knock them down yet.

Fixed issue where the “Wine Wars: The Consortium” business is not making good progress.

Fixed issue where the “ladies, knights and True Love” Efforts can be reviewed, even when Jacob died.

Fixed issue where prostitutes in Belles of Beauclair in space can appear after sex scenes.

exploit fixes, which AARDING White Orchard is a nest toward the dwarf Blacksmith possible.

Fixed issue where loading screen limitless after scuffles and Baron could happen in “Family Matters” Quest.

exploit fixes, which AARDING White Orchard is a nest toward the dwarf Blacksmith possible.

Fixes a problem where the game could crash after a meeting with the hero “Members, Wineboys” Quest.

Now it is possible to buy “Emhyr var Emreis King Nilfgaard” Gwent Map of the hosts at the Inn at the intersection in cases where this was not possible before.

Fixed issue where the music / sound effects would occasionally not play.

fixes a problem in which the value of the tag displayed a total lack of many plays.

Fixed issue where Marlene Corvo Bianco may disappear after a few hours.

Repair rare sometime in May, which was obtained at the level of the player loses.

Fixed issue where witches teeth and the patterns can be lost.

Fixed issue where Geralt can die after a loading screen in “Turn and face the beautiful” Quest.

Fixed issue where the duchess will follow the red Geralt sometimes he goes everywhere.

Fixes a problem where the body parts will still occasionally floated in the air after the enemy exploded.

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